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Orton wants to play (1 Viewer)


Relieved that his right ankle is just sprained and not broken, Bears quarterback Kyle Orton hopes to play this week against unbeaten Tennessee. He did not practice on Wednesday. Several reports said Orton could miss up to a month with a high ankle sprain after he left in Week 9 vs. Detroit on a cart in the first half, but tests showed no fractures or tears. And he's seeing improvement each day. "It's been a good couple days," said Orton, wearing a protective sleeve on his foot. "I'm certainly not ruling out anything. I don't know exactly what the timetable's going to be, but I just feel if I keep on making improvement, I certainly can't rule out this week."(Updated 11/05/2008).Fantasy AnalysisUntil we hear about Orton working at practice, or something firm from head coach Lovie Smith, we're expecting to see backup Rex Grossman under center in Week 10 against the Titans. Expect Orton to be inactive for that game and for Grossman to be a low-end No. 2 option.More CBSSports.com News
A Guy dropped him in my league too :bs:edit just saw the other thread :mellow: Mods do your thing-merge
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