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Over-under on Mayo hitting 100 tackles (1 Viewer)


After two games Mayo is on pace for 100+ tackles. What do you guys think of him? He's reported to be the only NE LB playing most/all of the defensive snaps. He hasn't made any big plays (INT/FF/FR/etc.), but he looks like a steady tackler thusfar. Do you like Mayo to eclipse 100 total tackles? To compete for defensive RoY?

I think Mayo is a fine player and his chances of hitting 100 solos went up with Brady's injury and Hobson's release. Realistically, however, it's probably a 90-95 solo tackle season for him. 100 total tackles was a lock as soon as he lined up with the starting team. 75-25 was well within his reach playing 85% of the snaps.

Thanks Jene! I was talking total tackles, but 90+ or 100+ solos would be really outstanding.

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