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Overrated/Underrated (1 Viewer)

Overrated: Trading down

Underrated: The second round
Doesn't trading down often involve acquiring additional second round picks? :confused:
Sometimes. Your point?
I think his point is that your over and under rateds seem to contradict each other. I almost posted the same thing..
Yeah, I know that was his point. But, this is overrated/underrated, not good/bad. I think trading down can be good, but I still think it's overrated. I've never heard anyone criticize a team for trading down. For some reason, trading down is always seen as pure genius.
Overrated: Mel Kiper

Underrated: Taking a drink every Chis Berman says "Let's go to the podium."
you take a drink of beer every fifteen minutes? that doesn't sound like much fun.unless you meant a shot. :excited:


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