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Overtime Rules - Keep As Is? (1 Viewer)

What are your thoughts on keeping the overtime rules the same?

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Pigskin Fanatic

if the team that loses the coin toss can't stop the other team from scoring on two possessions....then that is just the breaks of losing the toss....and too bad your defense couldn't get a stop...(heck the 85 Bears might have chosen to kick in OT so their offense could get better field position)....

nope....if it is still tied after each team gets a possession you go to sudden death....the team that has the ball second will know what they need to do....FG...TD+1... or TD+2....if the team that gets the ball first scores a TD+1....the second team knows they have to get a TD+2 or might lose on next possession....

the second team has their chance to one up the other team unless they both go for two and succeed...then at that point it becomes sudden death and so be it....you have to stop them the second time...

it actually puts some heat on the first team with the ball, because they know if they don't get a TD and a 2 point conversion, the other team can one up them....

i was in the camp of what's the point of a change here but lots of good stuff here and i hope this is the setup once its official. i guess we can even see teams deferring the coin toss. i still wonder though how many games in OT this would have had an impact on in the past, say five years? maybe a couple? the game they point to between kc and buf was one for the ages and definitely an outlier i think. i mean, that was the best half+ot offensive firework i remember since kc@rams couple years ago. i'm sure there are others.


32 Counter Pass

Apologies if this has been mentioned previously but I would like to see the NFL adopt something similar as soccer for clock stoppage. Just continue play into OT. No coin toss; no kickoff. Just switch sides of the field. Bonus: it would eliminate the stupid kneel downs.



Gally said:
I get what you are saying but the biggest complaint from most people has been that one team gets the ball more than other.  The nuance of going for two or not or kicking a FG or not really isn't what most complained about.  This does nothing to change that complaint.  It is just postponing the inevitable.  
I agree with you... We're forever condemned to change and then complain and then change and then complain about this rule because somebody can't accept their team lost in a fair and square manner.


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