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Own the 1st Round or keep Gibbs? (1 Viewer)


1qb / 12 team / .5ppr

I have gutted my team but today is trade deadline. I already own the lock 1.01 and 2.01, my team will likely finish with the .03 or .04 and I have what appears to be a late 1st as well. A guys is offering me what appears will be the 1.03 give or take one slot AND what appears to be another late 1st for Gibbs. I hate to ship Gibbs but not sure how long I will be in this rebuild and the thought of basically owning the first round and having 7 of the top 14 or 15 picks sounds really tempting.

Very much torn on this offer. Any thoughts?

Current roster (worth mentioning)

QB: Burrow/Cousins
RB: Gibbs, Gibson, Gainwell, Penny, Spiller, Zach Evans, Jordan Mason, Eric Gray
WR: JSN, Cooper, OBJ, Mike Thomas (couldn't sell Cooper, Thomas or OBJ unfortunately), Burks, Rondale Moore
TE: Knox, Tanner Hudson
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Kinda what I am thinking, I don't know much about positional depth of this draft or strenth. Sounds like QB and WR heavy, not sure about TE outside of Bowers but don't really need QB with Burrow and Cousins (though both unusable now if I were contending)
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Gibbs is the kind of player to build around. You would be moving him for two dart throws trying to find a Gibbs. You have plenty of pucks. I keep Gibbs.
I agree. dont get rid of Gibbs.

That would be a mistake.

keep in mind you can only do so much with draft picks. its usually 2 to 3 years until those players are ready to be studs. in exceptional cases they make an immediate impact but I wouldnt bet on that at this point. if you want the rebuild to go more quickly I'd focus on young players who have shown signs of a possibl breakout and try to get them on the cheap.
it would also be helpful if you told us how many you are allowed to keep, how many you start at each position.

I'm guessing if you are doing a rookie draft you likely keep a large number.

you look to be ok at QB other than the fact they are both injured. but if you've thrown in the towel for this year the only thing that matters is next year's health.

you can address WR and RB with your draft picks so I wouldnt worry about selling more at this point anyhow. JSN is good but needs likely another year (possibly 2) until he produces. Cooper and mike Thomas are good enough to hold the fort until your younger players are ready to graduate.

RB are most likely to be early impact so I'd say make sure you get one RB and a couple WR. you may wish to get a QB if one falls to you just due to the age of Cousins. he likely only has a year or two left.
I’d stick with Gibbs.
If you needed some 1sts to help rebuild I’d be all over it but if you already have a handful of 1sts, I’d rather have Gibbs plus whoever you draft with your current picks then taking more dart throws.
Keep Gibbs.

If you owned the top 7 picks you'd surely be looking to trade some of them for proven NFL talent, like Gibbs. Save yourself a job.

He'll be worth just as much next season if your competitive timeline looks a bit further out than you anticipated.
Keep Gibbs. Have to figure he will be the DET RB for the next 3-4 years after this year, barring any injury. Even in a rebuild, need players like him to get started.

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