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Owner Needed $30.00 yearly league fee (1 Viewer)


This is a year round league using Offensive and Defensive players scoring format, contract players and team salary. Offseason consist of free agency bidding, restricted free agency and rookie draft. We try to mimic the NFL as close as possible. Payout to 1st 65%, 2nd 25% and 3rd 10% place teams out of 12. League has been around since 2006. League is a for fun League mostly with some money to boot at the end of the year.

Click the following if interested. Post here to let me know if you would like to take over this team. First come first serve. Drop me a line at:

League Site:


Team Roster:


Team Rookie Draft:


League Rules:


League Scoring:


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DerekR if you are still interested... the other guy decided he didnt have the time so this team is back open. If anybody else would like to take over this team let me know. Drop me a line at:

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