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Owners Needed For 4 Team Dispersal (1QB PPR Dynasty) -- 50% Off Second Season -- Dispersal is Loaded (1 Viewer)


Looking for owners for a 4 team dispersal draft in a 12 team dynasty 1QB PPR league. League buy in is $50+5 for site fee, will discount the second season to $25 (plus $5 for site fee). There are a lot of top dynasty assets available in the dispersal draft, including J. Jefferson, C. Lamb, Javonte Williams, D. Swift, J. Waddle, K. Pitts, M. Andrews, Mahomes, Lamar Jackson, J. Burrow, and a lot of other good players.

Here is the full dispersal list:


league settings:


Dispersal will start as soon as the league is filled. Any interest or questions please message me. Thanks!

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