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Owners needed for $5 DraftStreet.com salary cap private league th (1 Viewer)


Hello, I am looking for owners for a $5 DraftStreet.com salary cap private fantasy football contest this weekend. Sign up with the information below:

Click this link first to sign up for a new account, to deposit money, and to enter the free DraftStreet freeroll contest this week:

Link: http://www.draftstreet.com/l/fr_nfl2013.aspx?AID=1245&subid=Week6&pid=305

Then click the following:


Deposit $$ into your DraftStreet account, use promo code WBGN.

Sport: NFL
Entry-fee: 5
Players: 20
Draft Style: NFL Weekly Sal Cap
Scoring period: Weekly Draft Style: NFL Weekly Sal Cap
League Password: sbffcshow

Let me know if email me back if you have questions!


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