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Ozzie Newsome taken from Soldier Field in ambulence (1 Viewer)

Bracie Smathers

Hadn't seen a thread here so apologies if Honda.


Ravens GM Newsome taken by ambulance from Soldier Field after loss to Bears

Published 13 hours and 44 minutes ago Last updated 13 hours and 43 minutes ago

Baltimore Ravens general manager Ozzie Newsome was taken from Chicago's Soldier Field in an ambulance Sunday evening, after his team lost in overtime to the Bears, the Chicago Tribune reported.

Brad Biggs@BradBiggsFollow#Bears source confirms reports that it was #Ravens GM Ozzie Newsome that was taken from Soldier Field by ambulance.

6:05 PM - 17 Nov 2013

The Ravens released a statement confirming Newsome, 57, was ill.
“Ozzie Newsome did not feel well after today's game and a team doctor recommended that Ozzie not fly tonight," the Ravens posted on their website.

Nestor Aparicio of Baltimore's WNST radio tweeted that Newsome looked ill on the way down in the elevator following the game.

Nestor Aparicio@NestorAparicioFollow

Ozzie was sweating really, really bad when I went downstairs in the elevator. I was told that he walked into the ambulance in Chicago.

5:18 PM - 17 Nov 2013


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