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**Packers at Falcons** (-1.5, 40) (1 Viewer)

Love is looking pretty good for a guy without his top WR, RB and 2 o-lineman. Expected more from Dillon, but there's a fair amount of game left
Red zone so silly, "Packers leaving the defense on the field as if they think it'll be waved off" WHEN THEY WOULD GO FOR TWO ANYWAY
Robinson looks like the best RB to enter the league in a long time. The Lions are going to regret trading down and taking the lessor RB instead.
No Jones. No Watson. No Bakhtiari. Lose Jenkins. Walker + Newman on O-line. Reed, Wicks, Musgrave all delivering. Love never, EVER fazed. Gotta be impressed with the kid
Falcons would appear to have a lot of momentum right now
Would like to see Bijan break one off for a TD
He's has a solid outing, make it a coming out party today
Packers defense does not appear to be well coached. All kinds of goofy broken plays work against them

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