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Packers interested in C. Woodson (1 Viewer)


Here is what Milwaukee Journal Sentinel had to report:

The Packers are among at least three teams expressing an interest in Raiders cornerback Charles Woodson. His agent, Carl Poston, said he was trying to schedule Woodson for a visit to Green Bay next week.

The million dollar question is- is it serious or a leverage attempt by Poston to increase Woodson's value?

If Packers signs Woodson for a $3-4 million a year, then it is a decent deal for Packers. I have no faith in any of cornerbacks my beloved Packers have except for Al Harris.

if woodson was a california or florida guy i'd dismiss the packers possibility, but he did play at michigan. if the packers offer the most money...that's where charles woodson will be playing next season

I think this is a real interest on the Packers part. Ted Thompson has no allegiance to Ahmad Carroll because Sherman drafted him. I think they are going to see what Woodson can offer them. He'd be a great compliment to Nick Collins at Safety if he was willing to play that.

I get the impression that Woodson is like Ty Law in that he'll play for the team that pays him the most...simple as that.


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