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Packers/Raiders MNF Thread (1 Viewer)

I love it for Farve. But please throw the ball to AG!!Really happy to see the TD toss by Farve though. Nice job, with his dad looking down on him helping he could be unstoppable!!

Favre is great!
6 for 6 and 2 TDs. Wow. He's on fire. You sure do know where his heart is, though. This one's for dad.NFL.com said they would most likely rely on Ahman Green. Think again.
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:rotflmao: LOL at the Budweiser horse commercial. Looking at instant replay... "This referee is a jack ###."..."No..I believe thats a Zebra." :rotflmao:

I'm not a Packers fan so I hope that none of his other relatives die (should the Packers make the playoffs).

Al said he was hurt Thursday in practice and then hurt again during warmups. Sounded like he was active though.

Could this be a career game for Favre? Wow. 12 for 13, 254 yards and 3 TDs, with another drive coming up in the 2nd quarter...if not 2 more.

Brett is surely lighting it up, but these receivers are playing out of their minds!!!!!!I have never seen this unit make so many great catches this year. Javon, who has been a great player for me this year, is playing the best I have seen him.

How the heck is he doing this? I'm choked up just watching, I can't imagine how he's able to do this. The guy is just amazing.

It almost brings a tear to my eye seeing him play so amazing.
and that last TD didn't help any while trying to hold a tear back.Good for you Brett :thumbup: The entire offense is guided by something very spiritual tonight.
Too bad Chatman didn't see the flag. Could've saved the energy on the 92 yard punt return.

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With The Packers up so big and the Raiders unable to move the ball, will Sherman sit Green.. :) I can only hope!!!

Ultimately, who cares about the stats (well realistically everyone on this board, but stay with me here). This is one of the most remarkable things i've ever seen an athelete do, maybe the most. How many players could focus their mind into excellence like this? What an amazing guy.

With The Packers up so big and the Raiders unable to move the ball, will Sherman sit Green.. :) I can only hope!!!
Too early. Still another half to play and the Raiders will get the ball back this half.

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