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Packers sign Ben Taylor and Poppinga News (1 Viewer)


No news on where Ben Taylor will play although Nick Barnett has locked up the MLB spot. Also Brady Poppinga (SLB) could miss all of training camp and may not be ready for the regular season.

Taylor could be a very good sleeper if he can land the WLB spot. Robert Thomas and Roy Manning could also be competition.
I would think they will draft someone as well. I'm not so sure Taylor and Popp will be starters.
Yeah, I could see them drafting somebody in the A.J. Hawk/Chad Greenway although that could also create an interesting scenario.

You'd have Barnett at MLB (could he move to WLB with Taylor going to SLB if Hawk gets taken?) or does Hawk go right to SLB and Taylor to WLB?


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