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Packers To Release WR Murphy (1 Viewer)

Good luck to T. Murphy in the future. Only be remembered as a flash-in-the-pan but the possibilities were endless with this one. Hope he can recover and find something he enjoys doing. Maybe coaching in some way.

Damn that Najeh Davenport. It's all his fault.
All his fault that they found a pre-existing condition?Should be thanking Najeh in a way. Had he not found out this way another hit could have been much worse.


At least I witnessed his glory days at A&M. He had all the physical ability of Ferguson, but at least twice the intelligence.

Another nail in Favre's retirement coffin?
The release Murphy should have no affect on Farve's decision since it has been know for some time that Murphy would not be ready for the 2006 season.

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