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Pacman Back (1 Viewer)


With Pacman back what happens the draft pick situation with the Titans. Do the Titans have give it back up?

I don't believe the 4th round pick is conditional. The 6th round pick goes back to DAL, but TEN keeps the 4th rounder

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Dallas gave the Titans a fourth-round pick in this year's draft and a sixth-rounder next year for Jones. The Cowboys would get back a fourth-rounder in 2009 if Pacman isn't reinstated, or a fifth-rounder if he returns then gets punished again.

Looks like Dallas traded a 4th(2008) and 6th(2009) for a 5th(2009) and whatever they get out of Pacman from here on out.

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I don't understand this reinstatement AT ALL. Goodell is trying to clean up the league, has been enforcing it pretty heavily, and now, after multiple issues and a ZERO TOLERANCE LAST CHANCE for Pacman heading into this year, he's already reinstated?

I've been a fan of what Goodell has been trying to do even if I haven't agreed with all his decisions, but this one flat out stinks. Pacman has been given multiple chances and knew this was his last chance and it took him all of about 5-6 weeks to blow it. And he's already back. :thumbdown:


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