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Panthers & Steelers in the Super Bowl.... (1 Viewer)

Nope sorry. I find it hard to believe that BOTH home teams will lose....especially since they are both undefeated at home this season, both 9-0.

That's what I'm hoping for. Living in Charlotte and have lots of friends who are Steeler fans. That would be a great SB.

That is the matchup I'd like to see. I am a long term Steeler fan livinf in the mountains of North Carolina. I also do a radio sports show, so everyone know my allegiences. I supposed I would not make a lot of friends if we actually get this game. It would also mean that I cannot attend any Super Bowl parties, because I'd be too rowdy.Having said that I agree with one of the above post, I just can't see both home teams losing. I think Seattle has the edge of the Panthers.


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