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Paragon Fantasy Football - 2013 start up Dynasty Salary Cap/Contract l (1 Viewer)


Paragon Fantasy Football has started 3 new dynasty leagues for 2013. Please take the time to visit our website if you are keen on joining a competitive league, with a good community of active team owners and commissioners who know there stuff and create high quality leagues. Familiarise yourself with what we do and how we run our leagues. All Paragon leagues are medium to higher stakes leagues, we have been running since 2008 and we use Leaguesafe to hold all funds in escrow.

16 team Salary Cap/Contract Auction Dynasty League, very similar to our League of Extraordinary GM's league that's been going since 2010. - 7 teams available for purchase.

32 team single player,Salary Cap/Contact Auction Dynasty League, our deepest and most challenging Paragon league to date. - 24 teams available for purchase.

16 Team 2 QB/QB SuperFlex Dynasty League, this hybrid league combines many of the best elements of Paragon FF in the 2 QB format. - League Filled within 24 hrs of being opened to our exclusive mailing list.

To join any of the available leagues please follow these instructions:

Email us at commissioner@paragonfantasyfootball.com advising which league or leagues you wish to join. The league names are above, good idea to be specific and use them so there is no confusion.

You will then be sent a leaguesafe invoice. If your leaguesafe account is under a different email address to the one your contacting us via, be sure to specify the correct email address so we can invoice you correctly.

Full payment will secure your spot, first come, first served.

Thanks for your time, good luck and enjoy the 2013 season. If you wish to hear about future offerings from Paragon FF, please email us and we will add you to our mailing list.

Chris & Brian

Paragon Fantasy Football Leagues

Website: http://www.paragonfantasyfootball.com

Email: commissioner@paragonfantasyfootball.com

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6 spots left in the 16 team auction/dynasty league. Bloom has been playing in a sister league to this one at Paragon since 2010. He tweet about this the other day saying that it's his favourite salary cap/contract league.

If your keen for a bigger stakes league then this is the one for you. We are not some flash in the pan/fly by night kind of deal, Paragon have been doing this since 2008 and all our monies are safely stored at Leaguesafe.

Joined a 32 team dynasty league with Paragon last year. Chris and Brian do an incredible job, and I guarantee that you will not find better fantasy leagues nor better commissioners out there. They take the job very seriously and are quick to respond to any questions or concerns, all for the love of fantasy football. If you want the challenge join the 32 team salary cap/contract league and take my buddy and I on as we seek a championship!

Paragon has hands down the best FF leagues on the internet. Great commissioners. Great competition. Most fun I have ever had playing FF was in their leagues. I highly recommend everyone take advantage of the opportunity this new league presents.


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