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Pass Interference calls decide games quite often. (1 Viewer)

Should the rules be changed to allow Pass Interference calls to be challenged and reversed?

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MOAT said:
If the penalty is 15 yds then a defender should never do anything but tackle a WR target that is more than 15 yds out.I understand that the Lions got a few terrible calls against them yesterday. Losing a game is not a reason to change NFL rules. The refs should be held accountable for their calls instead.
I don't think so. Why not then, as an offense, do nothing but chunk 50 yards passes, and get 15 yards a clip and a first down. I don't think anyone is suggesting that a loss is a reason to change the rules, but a lot of bad calls have affected outcomes, got to be a better way and 50 yards is too much for any penalty. Hell, you could literally kill someone and only take a 15 yard personal foul penalty.

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