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Bob Magaw

for those of you that get the nfl network, on tuesday nights, either on total access or playbook, they have a former player named mike mayock who will be on all season...he covers different positional breakdowns, follows up on them throughout the season, & even covers this years rookies... lot of defensive coverage.if i had nfl network on my cable last season i must of missed it & not realized it, so this is my first time seeing mayock... i really enjoy his breakdowns... very insightful, imo, & helps to see the game through the eyes of a scout, see what they look for, what is important for success... they are always balanced & include an analysis of flaws & critique section.*** gets bootsy collins' highest recommendation... :)BTW, i think mayock's father was coach, so he knows what he is talking about... he has probably been doing football drills since he was out of the crib... & i don't mean the neighborhood kind of crib.* this guy makes mel kiper look like joe theisman, sterling sharpe & terry bradshaw in terms of depth.

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