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Patriot fans (1 Viewer)

which do you want?

  • win AFC East - play at home vs Ravens

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  • win 6 seed - play on road at Dolphins

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Which outcome do Patriot fans prefer?

1. Win the AFC East and play the first round at home against the Ravens.

2. Win the wild card and play the first round on the road at the Dolphins.

Obviously the Ravens are much better with their new QB, coach, running game, etc. but the defense is a paper tiger. Not that New England will be able to beat anybody in the playoffs, but I think the Ravens and Ravens fans believe they have some sort of uber all-time defense on their hands when in fact they don't. So I answered the question on the basis of home field advantage more than anything else (in other words, the Dolphins would be a much easier matchup, but "ain't skeered" of the Ravens either).


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