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Patriots Vince Wilfork Gone for the Season (1 Viewer)


Tough loss. Ruptured Achilles per ESPN. I've gone through that injury and it sucks! All the best to a great player.

This has to hurt the Patriots defense as he IS the run stopper. I'm sure the Pats will coach around it, but this will hurt for sure.

Huge loss if it turns out to be the case - the Pats seemed to do just fine last night without him but hes a truly elite D-linemen.

Huge blow to the Pats, that guy is amazing. I am no Pats fan(not even close) but will miss watching him play this year. Anyone who enjoys watching the big uglies has to love this guy.

Urgh, that sucks. Hopefully one of the young guys steps up... Tommy Kelly has been playing out of his mind, but he needs another guy there to take some pressure off.

Certainly not a Patriots fan, but it sucks hearing about any player going down for the season. Hope he comes back just as strong next year.

How far will this drop the NE D/ST in the rankings going forward?
I think a lot. I mean I don't think you can count last night since the Falcons game planned for Wilfork. Going forward, I think teams know they don't have to double team the middle which means less room for the LBs to roam.


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