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Patriots vs Dolphins - Week 14 (1 Viewer)

To be fair though, Michel already had 7 carries on the first drive.
yeah but since Michel doesn't really get any looks on passes, he needs TDs to be a viable option....you remove the TDs from Michel, he's not a great option

Burkhead on next drive, 3 carries, and 3 and out for the Pats....that guys is just not that good...I don't get it...

Brady's been perfect.  Plus Miami's defense is bad - no QB pressures and their best cover guy is out.

Brady throwing as well as ever. Miami's D has made many QBs look great this year, but Brady has been very accurate.   

Just caught his first pass. They're checking out Burkhead. Plus, Brady been hot to the WRs and Gronk. 
Glad I stuck to my guns and started Brady, despite what a lot of “experts” said. Just wish he didn’t toss a TD to Edelman.


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