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The Patriots are going to win the Super Bowl again. I have not seen one post on this. I’m sure all of you want to happen again! (Chuckles to himself) :P Is it that the Patriots are so good you are tired of hearing it year in and year out or is it you afraid the no one and I mean no one can match up the team concepts of the Patriots? The only NFL team that plays as one and is unselfish is the Patriots! :thumbup: Tom Brady has not lost a game in the play offs and he will not lose one this year.I look forward to bumping this post in the near future. ;)

Considering the last 4 years, I think all Patriots fans have a perfect right to hold this attitude for the forseeable future. Belichick has done a masterful job. I think 30 years from now we will still talk about it. "I was there when Belichick won all those Super Bowls".

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