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Pats, Jags, or Steelers (1 Viewer)

On a neutral field, everything being equal outside the white lines which of these three teams would

  • Patriots

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  • Jaguars

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  • Steelers

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Very tough question.If the question is simply which do I think we could beat most easily, it would be the Jags, but that isn't easy by any stretch.If you want bragging rights, you have to take down the Pats.

I want the Pats here in Indy next week. :boxing:
You should. If the Sox hadn't beaten the Yanks on the way to the Series, it wouldn't have meant NEARLY as much. The Pats are the Colt's Yankees. If Indy doesn't get a shot to get the Pats monkey off their back on the way to a possible SB, it won't be as sweet, IMO.

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