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People that pay to text with pornstars? (1 Viewer)

They think that if they just get the opportunity to talk to them, there's a .01% chance that it might somehow turn into sex. 

I have no clue how porn has enough paying customers to even function anymore. It's so odd
Camming pays bigly. Snapchat stuff like this is also easy money. 

I used to play WWF with Ginger Lynn (no charge).  It was a novelty for a while and I'd laugh about it with my B&M friends.  She was so bad that it soon got old and I stopped.   :shrug:  

If I was a hot chick, I'd FinDom 100%

I'll be honest, at times, I think about earning some beer money on eBay selling stuff like old socks, but, really, I just don't think I want beer money that bad.
That's too bad.  I'm always in the market for old, used socks.


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