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Pepper's this week? (1 Viewer)

He's been having problems with his ankle for awhile now, but continues to play through it. I guess he was icing it late in the game on Sunday with the game already in hand. He practiced today and is not listed on the injury report so I think he should be good to go on Sunday.

sounds good to me.I have the following behind him in my super bowl:Jared Allen vs SDRocky Bernard vs INDReggie Hayward vs HOUAdalius Thomas (he's listed as a DL in my league)I plan on playing Peppers, Allen and Thomas.Any thoughts. Should I try and grab some potential points with Hayward vs the Texans????I know it's the wrong forum but hey it started here.

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seems like Hayward has only had about 1 good game in the last 2 months...I think I'd go with Peppers over him.

Thanks Aaron!Why do these thread get completely ignored in thios forum?????Should I do these in Asst. Coach?

Julius Peppers finished with 6 solos, 2 assists, 3 sacks, 1 PD, and a FG blockthat's a huge game no matter what scoring system you use. :thumbup: :yes: :thumbup:

I got 52 points from him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!WINNING MY BOWL BY 43 with 5 guys to go and he has 2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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