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hey everyone-

sorry if this isnt the right place to post, mods please move if thats the case.  anyway...hoping someone can help me out here...

im looking for game by game fantasy stats for all players from a particular season, grouped by position.  im very sure ive seen this somewhere on fbg in recent years, but i cant remember where.  ive spent over an hour looking both here and on the internet and im coming up empty. :(  

just to be clear here's exactly what im looking for: it would be a list sorted by week with all the players fantasy pts going across (kinda like the weekly projections screen in classic draft dominator, if that helps).  so it would look something like:

            wk 1     wk 2     wk 3

wr a        7.5      11.3     8.0

wr b       4.5       12.6    7.7

wr c       9.9        9.3     5.4

anyone know where to find this type of thing?  any help would be much appreciated.  <3

Myfantasyleague leagues show it under Reports-> Players->Top Performers for the last three years. If you don't play in one, you can view any league's, I believe. 


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