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Peyton Manning or Dan Marino (1 Viewer)

I was 6 years old during Marino's great 84' season but I remember it and have been watching the NFL religiously ever since.

There are so many intangibles and subjective aspects of QB play that it's harder to compare than many would have you believe. And the OP is way off base on a number of things and comes off as a bit of a troll. Neither are chokers and Manning has never been what I would consider a big arm guy.

But anyways, I'm inclined to say Manning is a better overall QB based on everything he does pre-snap, his manipulation of defenses and remarkable consistency and longevity. For my money though, I'm going with Marino. As Peyton himself said, what he did in 1984 with the rules of the time and two 5'9 WRs as his primary targets, was just amazing.

No QB I've enjoyed watching more and I don't think there has EVER been anyone better as a pure thrower and passer of the football. Not to mention he was a damn good QB as well. It's a shame that he never got back to a Super Bowl and that his greatness is not truly appreciated because he never got a ring.
I agree.

What's more sad is that in about 2-10 years he'll probably own ZERO passing records for a single season or a career.

Due in part to Manning being a very good QB who has had excellent longevity... and the rest being because of the assault on the rule book that the modern NFL has had to do to deal with its injury issues.

We're seeing a very good reason as to why it's almost impossible to compare eras in sports.

By today's (stupid) logic driven by even stupider media like ESPN, Trent Dilfer>Marino and Dilfer=Manning. All bout da ryngz derrrr!!!

On serious note though, if people here want to say Marino> Manning, fair enough as like people have said, it is close.

But riddle me this: has there ever been a quarterback in NFL history who has known more about their opponent on a weekly basis than Manning? This guy probably has spent more time studying over his career than practicing (which isn't at all a knock on him). Quite possibly the most intelligent football player that has ever played. But intelligence doesn't always show through when on the field under defensive pressure and you have to try and make something happen.

By today's (stupid) logic driven by even stupider media like ESPN, Trent Dilfer>Marino and Dilfer=Manning. All bout da ryngz derrrr!!!
It's not just ESPN. NFLN has Irvin and Sanders harping about rings too. Rich Eisen, shockingly tossed to back to the experts (Irvin/Sanders/Faulk) and said "I don't know, you guys were all about winning championships, so how does that factor in?". Rich - Faulk won and has been to as many Super Bowls as Manning. Oof.


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