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Phenoms Fantasy Baseball still has a few openings (1 Viewer)


There are still just a couple of openings in the 3 open leagues Sunday. Due to popular request, I've also added a 2nd league for Monday and two leagues for NEXT Sunday. Sunday night's leagues won't use the Sunday night game, Monday's leagues won't count any Monday games, and next Sunday's leagues are weekly and will start week 2.

Sign up for a Fantasy Baseball League

BASEBALL 561 - $100 Live Auction at 2:30 PM Eastern, H2H, Semi-Weekly lineups, 9 paid so far
BASEBALL 420 - $200 Live Auction at 8 PM Eastern, ROTO, Daily lineups, 11 paid so far
BASEBALL 532 - $500 Live Draft at 8:30 PM Eastern, H2H, Weekly, 10 paid

BASEBALL 570 - $50 Live Draft at 2 PM Eastern, ROTO, Weekly
BASEBALL 571 - $50 Live Draft at 8 PM Eastern, H2H, Weekly

Next Sunday (4/7):
KEEPER 403 - $50 Auction Keeper at 8 PM Eastern, H2H, Weekly
BASEBALL 600 - $50 Live Draft at 8:30 PM Eastern, H2H, Weekly


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