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Phenoms FF Saturday: 3 drafts, 1 auction, IDP Dynasty startup (1 Viewer)


We are down to just four leagues left this season. Let's finish strong and get these filled. Thursday's DEN and BAL players are NOT eligible for week 1 lineups in these leagues.

Join a league here: https://www.phenomsff.com/leagues/all-lgs.php

IOTA 20 - $50 IDP Dynasty League draft at 8 PM Eastern, 12 teams, H2H, BB waivers, IDP lineup and scoring, just 4 spots left.
PHI 602 - $200 Live Draft at 10 PM Eastern, 12 teams, VIC, PPR, 2-Flex, BB, Trading
PHI 606 - $50 Live Auction at 10:30 PM Eastern, 12 teams, VIC, PPR, 1-Flex, BB, Trading
PHI 603 - $50 Live Draft at 11 PM Eastern, 12 teams, H2H, PPR, 1-Flex, BB, Trading


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