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Phenoms FF - Trying to fill two $500 leagues (1 Viewer)


If you're looking for a high stakes league with 95% cash returned as prize money, please consider one of the two $500 league offerings from Phenoms FF. You can count on reliable, prompt prize payouts and solid league integrity. Both of these leagues are no-trading leagues with 12 teams.

ALPHA 50 is a SLOW draft (18 hour timer) with BONUS scoring, NO-FLEX lineups, Blind Bidding waivers. 4 signed up so far, will start as soon as it's full.

GAMMA 10 is a LIVE draft at 2:00 PM Eastern on Sunday, August 26th with BONUS scoring, NO-FLEX linupes, and BB waivers. 7 signed up so far.

The Prize Breakdown is as follows:

1st - $2850

2nd - $1140

3rd - $570

Points Champion - $1140

For full rules and to sign up, visit http://www.phenomsff.com


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