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Philadelphia at Denver (1 Viewer)

DJax targeted for a short TD pass on a Vick rollout, covered well. (incomplete)

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Ugh. Why the hell did you need to run a play with 1 second left? Just use the free timeout and draw up something better than a screen to Bryce Brown.

Wonder if something is wrong with Shady. He looked gassed/hurt after his last run, and Brown has been in for the last two plays.

Re: original "Celek is a liability anymore" quote:

What does it even mean? (...anymore)

I think he's saying "is a liability now".
Yeah - a bit of a regional thing:


  • "positive" anymore adv. these days; nowadays (Montgomery 1989; McElhinny 1999; Montgomery 1999)
Example: "It seems I always wear these shoes anymore." Further explanation: While in Standard English anymore must be used as a negative polarity item (NPI), some speakers in Pittsburgh and throughout the Midland area do not have this restriction. When not used as an NPI, anymore means something like "these days." Geographic Distribution: the Midland (Montgomery 1989). Origins: Likely Scots-Irish (Montgomery 1999).OK - back to the game. :)

MCCoy not right. Not sure what issue is. He takes himself in and out and clearly little winded quickly


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