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***Philadelphia at Detroit*** (+5.5) (48.5) (1 Viewer)


Would be nice to see the Eagles come out with a definitive win in week 1. That being said, I think it’ll be close.


I think Eagles will win The NFC East this year and go to The Super Bowl. I think The Lions will be MUCH better than last year and if they stay healthy will make a playoff run.
This one will be close,wouldn't be surprised to see Lions pull off the upset,but I'll go with my Super Bowl pick:

Eagles- 27


Eagles handled Lions with ease last year at Detroit. Detroit is improved but Eagles are too. Dont think Lions are at same level of Eagles.

Lions will play with a lot of emotion and Eagles will need to shut the crowd up early to avoid a close game.

Leroy Hoard

Lions seem to go at it a little heavier in preseason, that can backfire in terms of injuries, but at the same time leave you a little more ready for week one. Agree with the 2 posters above that say Eagles should win, but I'm hoping they are just a little bit slow coming out of the gate. 🏈


This is a huge test for Hutch going up against two of the best tackles in the league. I put a sizeable bet on Hutch for DROY and week one may be his toughest test of the season. Hurts is very mobile which is a weakness the Lions have.


oof not sure who to blame for that first drive. Nice drive by Lions, but the run defense and poor tackling could be a result of off-season practicing

Ministry of Pain

Hurts looking more and more like the guy who got shoved to the bench and had to apply to another school when he was at Alabama

Too sonn?
yeah, judging an entire season off of the 1st series in week 1 is probably a tad too soon. definitely good timing for sports radio callers though
Sorry Mo, just a knee jerk reaction, apologies but it looks terrible so far

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