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Philly vs Dallas (1 Viewer)


Don't mess with Texas
It seems that the Christmas game will be in Dallas and game in Philly will be earlier in the year. At least this is the word.................I'll just say rumor until the schedule comes out today.

Either way it's going to be a fight :boxing:

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SEPT. 10 at Jacksonville

SEPT. 17 vs. Washington

SEPT. 24 = BYE

Oct. 1 at Tennessee

Oct. 8 at Philadelphia

Oct. 15 vs. Houston

Oct. 23 vs. NY Giants

Oct. 29 at Carolina

Nov. 5 at Washington

Nov. 12 at Arizona

Nov. 19 vs. Indianapolis

Nov. 23 vs. Tampa Bay

Dec. 3 at NY Giants

Dec. 10 vs. New Orleans

Dec. 16 at Atlanta

Dec. 25 vs. Philadelphia :boxing:

Dec. 31 vs. Detroit


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