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Pick #1 PPR Redraft Stradegy (1 Viewer)


That's the easy part. Too bad one pick doesn't win it all. Rounds 2-20?
True that. :)

So here's a more detailed response to make up for that.

  • 1.01: Peterson. No brainer as you already indicated.
  • 2.12/3.01: I like RB/WR here at the turn. You could potentially get a Top 3 QB, but with QB being so deep this year, I find myself wanting to wait on them more often than not. Chances are you can land Bush/Sproles/Murray here and pair with VJax/Cobb/Cruz.
  • 4.12/5.01: If you locked up your RB/WR earlier, you should be able to go either RB/WR/TE here. Bell may be available to lock up a 3rd RB as he is the last in his tier from my perspective. In addition, you can then look at TE and snag Davis or a WR like Colston/Welker. With the injury to Crabtree, my preference is to grab Davis.
  • 6.12/7.01: I would start looking at QB here, by now tyhere have probably been 7-8 QBs gone, maybe more. I am targetting Romo in most leagues as a valued pick. You can then target someone like a Desean Jackson/Tavon Austin here. I probably give the edge to Tavon only because STL is going to make a push to get him the ball.
After the 7th round start targetting value as needed. Again from my perspective, I am not a fan of chasing Top 3 QBs, I think you're better off waiting.

So at the end of the 7th, you have locked up 1 QB, 3 RB, 2 WR, and 1 TE. With WR being deep as well, you should have a solid core to move forward with.

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I keep getting the 1 spot. AP is the clear #1 in my eyes and then Ive typically been going RB (Sproles/Murray/CJ2K or someone similar) + Cobb at the 2/3 turn. I think Gronk is too risky right now (cant afford to have him missing 6 games) and its a little early for QB in the leagues I am in.

After rounds 2/3, Ive typically been going with Vernon Davis if available (Im mostly in TE premium leagues) + WR (Antonio Brown, Nicks, Amendola, VJax) or RB if Gore at the 4/5 turn. Ive then typically been able to get Bradshaw at the 6/7 which is good value + a QB (Stafford or someone similar). Rest is all value based.

I drafted the following team from the 1 spot in a MFL redraft "draft only" league. 7 more round to go....

1.1 AP

2.12 Reggie Bush

3.1 Gronk

4.12. Nicks

5.1. Colston

6.12. RG3

7.1. Decker

8.12. Britt

9.1. DeAngelo

10.12. Wright

11.1. Jeffrey

12.12. Eifert

13.1. Tannehill

I like going Peterson,

At 2/3 turn I like to go wr/rb I like CJ2k, Bush, Jackson Sproles in that order, receivers I go Cruz, Cobb, Johnson, Fitzgerald. I have seen DT fall to this spot a couple times and he would be at the top of the list.

At 4/5 turn I like going wr/rb again. I usually get Bell or Matthews and Bowe, Jackson, Nelson, and Amendola .

At 6/7 turn I go te/wr Shorts is usually the receiver I get, tight I usually get Olsen, before the Crabtree injury I was getting Davis here.

At 8/9 turn I get a quarterback, Brady has been there a few times and I pick him up, if he is gone I go with Stafford or Romo. Other player is BPA and it has been Mike Williams, Lance Moore, Ben Tate, Gates, or Bryce Brown.

From here out is BPA because I have all my projected starters, I usually grab a quarterback around the 12/13th

EDIT: scoring is 1qb, 2rb, 3wr, 1te, 1 flex, 1k, 1def. 1 ppr for all spots 4 points passing tds

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