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Pick 2 Please....Davis, Cole, Golladay, Crowder,,,WHIR! (1 Viewer)


12 Team Std Scoring with .5ppr

Really struggling with this one.

Right now I have Davis and Crowder going, but...

Please advise who you'd take and why.

Will help in return!

Thanks, SP

Davis is a lock in my opinion, his target share only gets bigger with Walker gone. The 2nd WR is close, but I'll take Golladay's ceiling over Crowder's floor.

As long as Reed and Thompson are both healthy I don't see any value in Crowder - I cut him this week to pick up Kittle

Davis is top receiver on the Titans but Gabbert will likely start today.

Jags might throw more with Fournette out, so Keelan Cole gets a boost there.

Golladay is still the third WR for Detroit, even though I expect him to move up the ladder before the end of the season.  

I think I'd go Davis and Cole



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