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Pick #3 - Dynasty League WHIR! (1 Viewer)


I’ve been in a 12 team, 5 player keeper league for the last 10 years. However after this year we have decided to turn it into a full blown DYNASTY LEAGUE. We're expanding the rosters and keeping every player year to year. We are keeping 5 from our current team before we head into the dynasty draft and I'm in a pickle 

I’m keeping- Dalvin Cook, Jordan Howard, Keenan Allen, Mike Evans and Corey Davis. 

It’s .5 ppr and the roster size is Qb/Rb/Rb/Wr/Wr/Te/Flex/Flex/K/Def

i pick #3 in this draft. Barkley is going first and the guy at #2 is deciding between Ajayi and Royce Freeman. 

If you were me, who would you be targeting at 3 with the players remaining? Top guys available:

Royce Freeman/Jay Ajayi, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Josh Gordon, one of the other rookie RB’s (Penny, Michel, Guice), Sammy Watkins, Demaryius Thomas 

I think the question is do I go JuJu or one of the rookie Rb’s. And if so which one? 

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