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Pick Bell off waivers? (1 Viewer)


Someone just dropped LeVeon Bell in my league.  So now I'm wondering whether I should pick him up.  I'm assuming he'll rejoin the Steelers in week 10.  BUT, will the Steelers even play him?  If Connor is healthy and playing well, it seems that it would damage team cohesion to bench him for Bell --- or even put Bell in at all, other than to spell Connor.

Anyway, in case someone wants to argue that I should pick him up, the league is 1/2-point PPR.  1 QB, 1 RB, 2WR, 1 TE with 1 RB/WR flex and 1 WR/TE flex.  My roster is:

QB - Stafford

RB - Gurley, Miller

WR - Hilton, Fuller, Hogan, Edelman, Stills, John Brown, Lockett

TE - Kelce, Reed, Kittle

If I pick up Bell, who do I drop?



Yes pick him up and I’d drop Lockett. If not Lockett, Stills is probably next on the list because of inconsistency.

If you want to keep all WRs, I’d drop Reed personally because he’s always hurt. 



Yes pick him up, drop K.Stills, having Gurley and Bell, sooner or later is too good to pass up



So, to answer Frostillicus' question --- I thought I was pretty clear about my concerns.  I think the likeliest outcome is that Bell plays in only 6 games of the fantasy season, and he's a backup/change-of-pace guy for those 6 games.  In which case, there's no reason to have him burning a hole in my roster for the next 8 weeks in a short-bench league.

Does anyone have an argument to make that his outcome is likely to be something different?



Yes, Pick him up and drop Stills. Lockett still has great value with Baldwin out. Also trade one of your TE's. Holding 3 of them is overkill and whomever had Olsen or Walker still may be hurting for someone as good as your guys.



There is no argument to make.  Nobody knows what is going to happen.  What you say very likely may happen.  But I'd pick up Bell in a heartbeat if he was dropped in my league.  Don't overthink it.  Just pick him up.


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