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Pick one of these 3:Coleman, Henderson, Umenyiora (1 Viewer)


I am scratching my head on this one?Coleman Vs PHIUmenyiora Vs ARIHenderson Vs SEAFBG has Henderson ranked #5 this week, but it seems that Umenyiora has the best matchup? I say that because you can bet your ### that Arizona will be doubling Strahan and it could open opportunities for Osi to rack up some points.Thoughts?

All are good choices, but I agree with you. Osi did well w/o Strahan last year. This year, he'll even be better.

I'd also go with Osi, I'm not sure who will get them but between him & Strahan I wouldn't be surprised with 4 sacks and at least 1 FF vs Warner.


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