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Pick two WRs PPR: Edelman, Jackson, Boyd (1 Viewer)

I would sit D-jax.  Not sure who Winston will prefer in his passing game.  I would give in a week or two to see how Winston settles in.  D-Jax could be 120yds/2TD or he could be 23 yds on one catch. 

I like

Boyd - High scoring game imo. I think Dalton throws a lot.

Edelman - high ppr floor this week I think, potential for a monster game

Agree with Gally re: seeing what shakes out in Tampa.

Thanks for replying to mine the feedback you provided.

For you, I'd go with Edelman and Boyd.  I don't trust Jamis and remember seeing not too long ago D Jackson stats historically with Jamis not being so great compared to what he was doing with Fitz.  

Edelman will get his targets for and I could be wrong but I think Cinci vs Pitt is going to be a high scoring back and forth game w/ lots of offense.

My question was about Dalton or Cousins.  Liked your feedback and to answer your question to me, I am down 35+ pts having faced Ertz and Wentz on Thursday.  Let me know if that helps you to help me!!  Thanks dude!


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