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Pick up Cordarelle Patterson or James White and dump Elijah Mitchell? (1 Viewer)


Well I just picked up Elijah MItchell this week off waivers and while it wasn't the best game, it was good that Trey Sermon didn't do much either.  However, Patterson and James White are both available in PPR league so wasn't sure if I should try to get once of these instead.  Short Bench league that we start 2 RB and keep 2 on the bench but they do allow a flex player also.  White has been doing fairly well in PPR.  Most likely whoever I have will be used as Flex only or on bye weeks as I also have Nick Chubb and Chris Carson and Darrell Henderson.  



i like patterson...depending on league hs listed as wr/rb...plus they use him all over the field and davis is looking like a fat kid stumbling around searching for that last cupcake


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