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Pick up Kadarius Toney and drop Brandon Cooks? (1 Viewer)


So I'm 7-0. My strength is RB. Im looking down the stretch. Should I drop Cook for Toney? I think Toney has more upside, and as I start Diggs and Brown at WR, anybody who replaces them in my lineup obviously has to be better, and that's not Cooks. Pick up Toney? 

QB - Prescott

RBs - Zeke, Swift, Herbert, Montgomery, Gainwell

WRS - Diggs, Hollywood Brown, Jeudy, Cooks, Michael Thomas,

TE - Pitts



12 team PPR, 14 man roster.



I like Cooks better. He is a WR1 on his team and he looks to be getting his starting QB back soon.


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