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pick up MVS or Ridley ros? drop Kerryon? (1 Viewer)



*I need a WR2/3 for bench or start - I have space to pick up MVS (GreenBay) or Ridley? Ridley catching fire...

*Also for bench RB (my starters are Mixon, Zeke, Chubb or 4nett) I need to make room- Is Kerryon Johnson droppable at this point? Theo is back and ROS vs Run D will be hard. Thoughts?

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MVS is the guy. I wouldn't just drop Kerryon, try and trade him first. People are always looking for RB's.



No way I drop Kerryon.  He has value. 

As far as picking up the WR I would go with Ridley.  He has been great.  I like MVS as well but he has been getting the play due to Allison being out.  If you can bring in both I would do that.  Who are your other WR's or rest of roster.  I am sure there is someone else that you could drop to get these two guys. 


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