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PICK YOUR DRAFT TIME - SATURDAY, MONDAY, TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, $50 entry - 12 Team League - PPR - AUCTION Draft - FAAB / Bidding - FFB BUFFS-Huge Payout (1 Viewer)


Are you interested in joining a 12 team AUCTION DRAFT football league, this may be just for you.

$50 entry, PPR, 12 Team league AUCTION DRAFT with FAAB / Bidding for free agents on waivers

Pick your draft time:
Saturday, September 3th @ 2:30pm ET
Monday, September 5th @ NOON ET
Tuesday, September 6th @ 8:00pm ET
Wednesday, September 7th @ 8:00pm ET
Maybe Thursday, September 8th @ 8:00pm ET (if necessary/one of the above leagues doesn't fill)

They are part of the 96 team leagues I have going. http://www.tinyurl.com/96team
8 separate leagues with an overall standings kept separately. Money for each league and prizes overall too.

see rules here: http://www.tinyurl.com/ffbbuffs

see settings here: http://fantasy.espn.com/football/league/settings?leagueId=10502022

In the 96 team leagues, there are 8 separate leagues ran just like your normal 12 team leagues, but joining together for the playoffs.
More info should be on the FFB Buffs link above.

email Freezang_@hotmail.com to join and mention BUFFS and which draft day you prefer.

Further breakdown below

If you interested in joining a 12 team football league, this may be just for you.
These leagues are all ran underneath a multi-league / 96 team umbrella with an overall standing where you could win up to 35x your entry fee.

Sorry in advance for length of this, but there is a lot of stuff to cover.
If you interested in joining a 12 team football league, this may be just for you.
In the 96 team leagues, there are 8 separate leagues ran just like your normal 12 team leagues, but joining together for the playoffs, please read on if interested
Back again for the 9th straight year of 96 Team NFL/Football Super Leagues.
9 years ago the $50 FFB Addicts started off as a 48 Team league and its grew to 96 in its 3rd year.
Everyone seems to be jumping aboard. Let's try to keep it growing.
This year we are going to try and do 12 leagues (maybe more depending if interest demands it). Please let me know if you would like to join.
3 of the 12 leagues are superflex (2 QB optional league)
We do 8 leagues/divisions with the exact same settings of 12 teams in each.
All 8 leagues/divisions run completely separate and independently by themselves during the regular season and then playoffs between all of the top 32 teams.
Email me to join or to ask any questions - freezang_@hotmail.com
See draft times below, or check out http://www.tinyurl.com/96teamJust let me know which league and draft time are good for you for the league(s) you want to join (from the options on the right in the table below) and we will get you signed up.
All entries fees are collected using leaguesafe.com
(We might be able to make arrangements using another payment method (Paypal, e-transfer, etc) if leaguesafe doesn't work for you, just ask me. (I know they have some international restrictions)
League settings from one of the 1 QB league divisions as an example

Also, please check out this link https://tinyurl.com/openleagues with all of the other NFL, NHL and MLB leagues we have running.

As for the 96 team football leagues
They are re-draft (single season only) leagues, that are PPR with Fractional scoring (0.1 point per rec. yard for example, compared to standard 1 point per 10 rec. yards)
Playoffs are the top 32 teams overall
There are also playoffs for the other teams that do not make the top 32.
Each league's draft order is randomized once all 12 teams in your league have paid.
Based on demand, so the sooner you pay, you secure your spot.
FYI - This past year, a vote passed a few years ago to 'comp' the commish's entry fees


Anything a little higher in the entry department? 50 is a bit to low. No stakes. I like the format and it has to be auction for me but eh 50?


Bump, did one of these yesterday & it was a lot of fun.

Let's fill up the Mon./Tues./Weds. ones. (Not a paid advertisement; my agenda is simply that I'd like to do another one of these. :-) )

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