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Pickett or Danny Dimes??? (1 Viewer)


Bye week dilemma? Need the win to keep pace and Mahomes is sitting on my bench for bye.

Question...Do I ride with Kenny Pickett this week or make a trade for Danny Dimes? Also have Not much on the waiver wire. Obtaining a QB for the week shouldn't be an issue. the QBs I could go after would need me to trade Pickett to get. Currently have Jones, Geno, Mariota, and Zappe that I could go after.

Current team
QB Mahomes, Pickett, Trubisky
RB CMC, Dameon Peirce, Rhamondre Stevenson, JK Dobbins, Tony Allgeier, Kyren Williams
WR Chase, Waddle, Johnson, Higgins, Pickens, OBJ, Shakir
TE Waller, Hurst, Bellinger
PK Maher, Hopkins
DT Broncos, Seahawks

PPR/Salary cap/Dynasty
10yards receiving =1pt
10yards rushing =1pt

Starting requirements QB, RB, RB, WR, WR, Flex (RB/WR), Flex (WR/TE), PK, DT
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I would prefer Jones over PIckett but without knowing what you will have to trade to get Jones it's tough to say you should make a trade.


when trading for Jones, guy that has him also has Hurts. Jones was a bye week fill in. He also has Watson he has been sitting on.

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Actually I would consider your preference of either Geno Smith or Mac Jones from waivers (Drop Trubisky).

I personally am high on Pickett in dynasty leagues.

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