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PieLeeg HQ: Magic Beisbol Extravaganza (3 Viewers)

Below is a table cross referencing the Pie & Cake leeg drafts. The number in each box represents the number of like players each team drafted. For example, Trogg and Eephus drafted two players the same. Here are some other notes:

  • N/A: This means the number of players that team drafted that the other leeg did not draft at all. Trogg drafted 3 players that were not drafted in Pie
  • As you can see, Chem X really likes his players. He has 11 shared players between the leegs.
  • HellToupee really liked Hack & Pickles teams as he shares 5 players each with those teams
  • Kupcho and Frosty have 5 shared players between them to tie for second place for most shared players
  • RnR & Rodg12 really don't like Cake as they tied for the most players undrafted by Cake at 6
  • FDAS liked some diversity. He only drafted 4 shared players between his two teams. He is no Chem X
  • Greedy/Banana and FDAS/GM lead for shared player (4) for drafting out of the same draft slots (you can see that if you go diagonal through the table starting in the upper left). The draft order for Pie is left to right on the top and for Cake is top to bottom on the left.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about shared draft info and I will see if I can mine it from the data.

EephusGreedyFDASShadySpartyRated RHellToupeeKupchoExposRnRGallyRodgCharlie BXJamnyN/A
not that i like these players, just easier for me to remember and follow the same guys, lol.
Would anyone have any interest in starting a dynasty league with a draft starting ASAP? Could we get 12 guys between Cake and Pie and Serious Biz?
Seriously, WTF. I know we had one 1pm game scheduled that was postponed due to rain, but it's Opening F'n Day. Why only one game scheduled before 3:05pm?
To reduce the risk of frostbite for players in the northern half of the country. Baseball in March, hooray!
Please esplain why Pirates at Marlins can't be played at noon or 1pm or any of the dome games :coffee:
also, absolutely criminal what the angels have done to mike trout. trotting patrick sandoval out on opening day means another wasted year.
Note to self: Next year do not take a pitcher in the first round (Top 2 pitchers taken now with early elbow issues and indefinite time to return).

I thought I dodged the bullet with taking Strider over Cole. I guess not.
Oodles of whining and it's only mid April! Midseason form already!
I am tearing it up. I have 1's in almost every category. That means I am first, right?

ETA: I have never done roto before so I might have things mixed up.
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i feel like gally must’ve lost his first 7 picks to injury. it’s hard to be that bad trying.
Pretty Close:

  1. Strider - done for the year
  2. Vlady - meh
  3. Gausman - shoulder injury right after i drafted him and still isn't up to full strength
  4. Royce Lewis - hurt game one and hasn't been back
  5. Evan Carter - didn't get a hit for like the first month of the season
  6. Areando - meh
  7. Ragans - Just gave up 7 runs in 1.2 IP. Hit and miss but mostly ok
  8. Gelof - Has more K's than hits
  9. Estuery Ruiz - started off 3-7 with a homer and they sent him down. Only played like 3 games so far
  10. Chas McCormick - ugh

So yeah....to say things haven't worked out is a complete understatement.
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All of my guys are either dying or already dead. 7 IL eligible + 1 guy with a fractured hand (1 of 2 listed as DTD)
How am I in 8th place?
Compared to hockey, these guys are grade A wimps. Hell, they sit around for half the game waiting to bat, and aren't exactly running wind sprints most of the time in the field. They're barely getting more of a workout than golfers.

Rant over

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