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Pigskin Dynasty League Inaugural Year (1 Viewer)



16 team league.

$105 buy-in.




70 contract years to divy up for your 35 man roster with a $1050 salary cap.

Contracts are maximum of 4 years and minimum of 1 year.

Franchise tag option for expiring contracts.

Restrict tag option for expiring contracts.

5 round rookie draft.

5 man practice squad.

I currently have 9 teams committed and I am on the prowl for 7 more. The link to the league is above and I encourage everyone to take a trip to the MFL site and take a look around. Please read the rules and email me directly if you have any questions whatsoever or if you have interest in joining. My email is: vitaminb6@gmail.com

I know there are a lot of choices when joining a new league, but I am 100% confident that if you choose to join this league you'll gain a whole new fantasy football experience. FWIW, I've been commishing FFB leagues for over 15 years.

Again, if you have any questions or interest in the league just shoot me an email.


- GM aka Jason (vitaminb6@gmail.com)


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The league is now full. Thanks to all from this site that responded. However, if you would like to join this league please continue to read. I am considering expanding to a 32 team, 2 conference league, that will mimic the NFL. So if you have the Baltimore franchise, you will play in their exact division, play their exact schedule etc... So please email me with interest as I am going to create a waiting list and see if I can get to 32 teams. If I do, I will strongly consider moving in that direction.Thanks!


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