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Plaxico Burress (1 Viewer)


With everything that has happened recently (suspensions, bad attitude, etc.) is anyone trying to move him? If so, what are you looking to get or what have you gotten for him?

Made several trade offers for him, even offering Rivers/L. Moore for Hasselbeck/Burress at one point. Guy wouldn't budge.

What he's doing this year isn't any different than what he has done in the past. The only thing that bothers me is Hixon looks capable, and it's reasonable Plax COULD miss a little time if he keeps it up. However, I'm gambling that he sees this too, and the one single thing primadonna WR's can lose that hurts them is the spotlight.. someone else getting your yards, so he shapes up just enough and goes back out as the #1 WR on the NYG. I think he's a buy low that I could afford and had him thrown in with a trade where I also Cutler, also a buy low imo.


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