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Last year, Cordarrelle Patterson could be used as either a RB or WR in my league, which was run by Yahoo.  In 2020, if you played in a league where Taysom Hill could be used as a TE, he finished behind only Kelce and Waller, even though he only caught 8 passes.  Who else do we have that may be listed under multiple positions?  And what about guys listed under just one position, but actually used in multiple? 

Fun fact - In 1961, George Blanda was fantasy football's QB1, and also K1

For most leagues, I would think that being able to play a true WR at your RB2 in any PPR would be the biggest cheat code, not that being able to play Patterson at WR last season wouldn't have been a nice bonus, particularly if you're playing in 1RB league or 3+ WR.

It does make me wonder, at what point should / would Deebo get a WR/RB tag?

Also, if your QB goes in and kicks FG / XP for any reason, I have always assumed that he would get all of the points.   Is that incorrect?   Did anybody have Flutie when he dropkicked the XP?  In Yahoo Baseball, there's an Ohtani - Pitcher and Ohtani - Batter.  I tend to think that they would probably do the same if there was ever a modern day Blanda.   However, if it was just a one-off for an emergency situation, I would like to think that the player should get all the fantasy points that they score, regardless of how they do it.

I do remember when Taysom Hill, the QB, was permitted to fill the TE spot in Espn fantasy for a week or two.  In contrast, yahoo made the correct executive decision to immediately update his position to QB-only.   It was already obvious to me at that point, but I think that was the day most of the people in that league came to terms with espn no longer being a viable free platform for fantasy football.

There aren't too many multi-position players that are impactful, Patterson excluded.

Not a multi-position player but a positional error I remember, like Hill being TE eligible as a QB, was Marques Colston being listed as a TE in his rookie year. Almost like Mike Gesicki being a TE despite the fact he takes most of his snaps split out wide.

It was discussed over in the IDP forum, and he may solely play LB but Rookie Troy Anderson also played QB and RB in College (see link below), so you never know if a trick play/Special Package (or any type of desperation like Denver in COVID hell a few years ago comes up) could come to light. 

Given he went to Atlanta where C.Patt had a resurgence last year as mentioned before, with that coaching staff could that have been a part of the thought process in drafting him? Time will tell. 


"He started out as a running back, then played quarterback, and then ended up sticking as a linebacker, and it’s not like he was just average at each position, he was a standout at all three positions.

In 2017 he was named the Big Sky Freshman of the Year as a running back. The Big Sky division is one of the best in all of the FCS, so he won that award over some good players.

In 2018 he was First-Team All-Big Sky as a quarterback.

Then finally, in 2021 he was the Big Sky Defensive Player of the Year as a linebacker.

He was a standout player at all three positions, not often do you find a player who can do that.

Then you look at his physical traits, he is six-foot-four, 240 pounds, so he certainly has more than enough size to play in the NFL.

He also ran a ridiculous 4.42 forty-yard time and then add to the fact that he was recorded as being the fastest linebacker during the Senior Bowl clocking in at 20.29 MPH, he simply can do everything."


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