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Playing both Marshall and Jeffrey going forward? (1 Viewer)


I am giving serious consideration to doing so permanently. I did so last week because of byes and it worked and would have worked this week as well. Cruz is the guy who would get the hook, but he's just not as good as Jeffrey at this point IMHO.

Have any of you guys ever done this on a week to week basis before? Just curious if this is a crazy line of thinking.

And before you ask I am in a dynasty / auction league and got Jeffrey his rookie year for a song and signed him to multiple years. This off season Marshall was the best FA WR out there so I went all in for him at the auction thinking Jeffrey might still be a year away.

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I have a few times.

Paired Nicks and Cruz in his breakout year, that worked out great.

In my dynasty league, I started Nelson and Cobb until his injury. That was working out well also.

In the case of Jeffery and Marshall, will be interesting to see if Trestman's offence can support 2 WRs long-term.

I would feel comfortable starting them together, at least until they prove me wrong.

I won a championship playing Issac Bruce and Torry Holt every week one year.

I think people SERIOUSLY over think this. You start the guys who you feel will put up the most points. If two of them happen to be on the same team then so be it.

If someone started all three Broncos WRs this year they be doing pretty well at that position with the exception of last week.


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